Leadership Council

Since inception, KYS has benefited from a superior leadership team - from our strong, active and independent board members to our experienced and globally-distributed senior management team.

G J A Prasanna Kumar
Founding Member & B.O.D
Harish Ramamurthy
Krishna Kumar N G
Shiv G Desai

An Engineer having over 26 years of experience in Human Resource management at various fields like Consulting, Talent acquisition, Staffing and Project Management. Professional having widespread expertise in industrial engineering with diversified entrepreneurial skills who brings a wide and diverse wealth of experience and knowledge.

Thought leader and a passionate educator. Brings to the table over 18 years’ of experience in education institutions, having expertise in the field of Institution administration and handling issues related to parents and students. Hands on go getter who is a positive motivator for the entire team.

Having strengths in managing organizations, turn around, providing growth oriented business vision, strategic management, acquiring, retaining and growing with the valued clients, international business culture with adaptability, dealing with adversities, starting & setting up companies in different regions, managing multicultural environments.

Has 2+ decades of experience in Business Operations, of which the 6 years has been in Talent Acquisition and Management. Has been a member of the Executive Team & made significant contributions in Business Strategy & Marketing, Product Development, Distribution & Channel Management, Budgeting & Expense control, Offshore and Outsourcing business models for a product and service environment for various organizations.Widespread expertise in solution design and operation, On-demand business application product implementation, operations management.